• When should I add dry hops?

    When should I add dry hops?
    Dry Hopping If you’re ready for your beer’s hop nose to wow you, it might be time to try dry hopping. Dry hopping is the process of adding hops to beer after fermentation has begun. Dry hopping conveys a fresh hop aroma in the beer without adding any bitterness and brings a unique taste character. Adding hops later on in the process conserves the...
  • What Do You Need To Make Homemade Beer?

    What Do You Need To Make Homemade Beer?
    Brewing is the process of creating beer from scratch using four main ingredients and four steps. The basic ingredients to beer are grains, hops, yeast, and water. The four steps are malting, mashing, boiling, and fermenting. THE FOUR BASIC INGREDIENTS IN BEER Malted barley is the most common grain used for beer. In other beers,  malted wheat and unmalted ingredients such as corn and...
  • El Dorado Hop Profile

    El Dorado Hop Profile
    There are many things that spring to mind when you hear El Dorado.  In another time it's a golden king, a jeweled city which was paved with gold, then a entire empire, rich beyond belief. Many have searched for it. Edger Alan Poe penned a poem about a knight in search of the golden one. Yet, all of that hunting never turned the myth of El Dorado...
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