Experimental ADHA Hops

ADHA 483 Azacca® Pellet Hops 2016

Alpha: 10.2%  |  Beta: 4.7%  Azacca®, named for the Haitian god of agriculture, is a hop big in citrus and tropical fruit tones. It’s excellent aromatic qualities have quickly made... Learn More


ADHA 529 Pellet Hops

Alpha: 11.3%  |  Beta: 4.0%  ADHA-529 offers an enticing aroma of coconut and lemon combined with hints of tea and mint notes. ADHA-529’s higher Alpha and moderate Co-Humulone give a... Learn More


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ADHA 871 Pekko® Pellet Hops 2016

Alpha: 13.5%  |  Beta: 4.6%  Our newest variety, Pekko™ is named for the Finnish God of Field and Crops. Pekko’s™ complex and clean characteristics of floral, citrus, and mint lend... Learn More


ADHA 881 Jarrylo® Pellet Hops 2016

Alpha: 14.1%  |  Beta: 7.0%  Jarrylo™ (pronounced Jar-ril-low) is named after Jarilo, the Slavic god of fertility and springtime. Jarrylo’s™ banana, pear, spice aroma translates perfectly to Pale Ales, Saisons... Learn More