Michigan Pellet Hops

Brewer's Gold Pellet Hops Michigan grown! 2017

Alpha: 8.5%  |  Beta: 5.0%  Moderate alpha acids make this an ideal hop for bittering most ale styles of beer. Has dominantly spicy characteristics with a touch of fruit and... Learn More


Cascade Pellet Hops

Alpha: 6%  |  Beta: 9.0%  Contains moderate alpha acid content ranging from 4.5% to 7%. The workhorse of hops in beers it is a dual purpose hop, but its strength... Learn More



Centennial Pellet Hops Michigan Grown!

2017 Alpha: 8.87%  |  Beta: 3.1%  2018 Alpha: 11% Boasts an alpha acid rating of 9.5%-11.5%. Similar to Cascade, however it is lighter on the citrus aromas. Centennial works undoubtedly... Learn More


Chinook Pellet Hops

Alpha: 12.0%  |  Beta: 4.8%  Will add 11%-14% alpha acid content to your hops schedule. It is a dual purpose alpha variety, and is good for the beginning of the... Learn More


Columbus Pellet Hops 2017

Alpha: 13.6%  |  Beta: 5.1%  ideal for laying the bitter foundation for Pale Ales, India Pale Ales, Stouts, and anything Imperial. In the same capacity this variety is commonly used... Learn More


Crystal Pellet Hops 2017

Alpha: 4.8%  |  Beta: 8.5%  Bears a low alpha acid, and carries a relatively high myrcene oil content. This combination makes it ideal for aroma additions as it bring with it... Learn More


Galena Pellet Hops 2017

Alpha: 10.8%  |  Beta: 7.8%  Good bittering hop for English style ales. Pedigree: Open pollination of Brewer's Gold Brewing Usage: Bittering Aroma: Spicy, blackcurrant and citrus (grapefruit) tones Typical Beer Styles: English style... Learn More


Mackinac™ Pellet Hops 2018 Michigan grown!

Alpha: 9.8%  |  Beta: 3.2% One of the most sought-after, Michigan exclusive, varieties on the market. Pedigree: New proprietary super-aroma hop released in 2014.  Brewing Usage: Dual Purpose Aroma: Mackinac is described... Learn More


Nugget Pellet Hops Michigan grown! 2018

Alpha: 13%  |  Beta: 5.0% | Oil 2% Nugget Hops has an acute bitterness from its 9.5%-14.0% alpha acid content. It provides the umph in many beer styles that require... Learn More


Rakau Pellet Hops Michigan Grown! 2018

Alpha: 10.9%  |  Beta: 6.0%  A true dual purpose hops with stone fruit and fig characters and excellent bittering qualities. Pedigree: a New Zealand triploid, purpose bred and selected for... Learn More


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Summit™ Pellet Hops

Alpha: 12.7%  |  Beta: 4.3%  Drived from varieties including Zeus and Nugget. Has a distinct earthy and spicy aroma. DANKY goodness! Great bettering hop for IPAs and hoppy beers. Pedigree: Cross... Learn More