New Michigan Hops

Cascade Pellet Hops

Alpha: 6%  |  Beta: 9.0%  Contains moderate alpha acid content ranging from 4.5% to 7%. The workhorse of hops in beers it is a dual purpose hop, but its strength... Learn More



Centennial Pellet Hops Michigan Grown!

2017 Alpha: 8.87%  |  Beta: 3.1%  2018 Alpha: 11% Boasts an alpha acid rating of 9.5%-11.5%. Similar to Cascade, however it is lighter on the citrus aromas. Centennial works undoubtedly... Learn More


Chinook Pellet Hops

Alpha: 12.0%  |  Beta: 4.8%  Will add 11%-14% alpha acid content to your hops schedule. It is a dual purpose alpha variety, and is good for the beginning of the... Learn More


Galena Pellet Hops 2017

Alpha: 10.8%  |  Beta: 7.8%  Good bittering hop for English style ales. Pedigree: Open pollination of Brewer's Gold Brewing Usage: Bittering Aroma: Spicy, blackcurrant and citrus (grapefruit) tones Typical Beer Styles: English style... Learn More


Rakau Pellet Hops Michigan Grown! 2018

Alpha: 10.9%  |  Beta: 6.0%  A true dual purpose hops with stone fruit and fig characters and excellent bittering qualities. Pedigree: a New Zealand triploid, purpose bred and selected for... Learn More


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