Slovenian Hops

Styrian Dragon Pellet Hops

Alpha: 8.5%  |  Beta: 4.0% A rare new Slovenian hop variety! Pedigree: New experimental hops from Slovenia Brewing Usage: Dual purpose Aroma: grapefruit, lemon, lime Typical Beer Styles: Ales Additional Information:  Learn More


Styrian Kolibri Pellet Hops

Alpha: 5.0%  |  Beta: 4.0% Craft brewers, in particular, have found its floral flavor notes very attractive in various kinds of beer. Pedigree: Bred at the Slovenian Institute of Hop Research... Learn More


Styrian Wolf Pellet Hops

Alpha: 14.0%  |  Beta: 5.5% Styrian Wolf is one of the latest Styrian hops on the market. When brewed, expect intense fruity and floral notes. Pedigree: Developed by the Slovenian Institute... Learn More