Amarillo® Extract CO2 Hop Extract SALE!

Amarillo® Extract CO2 Hop Extract SALE!

Alpha: 43.51% AA HPLC |  150g AA Per Can  Michigan Hop Alliance now offers 100% natural CO2 Hop Extract with no chemical modifications!   Amarillo® Extract Breakdown: 43.51% AA HPLC... Learn More



Amarillo® Pellet Hops

Alpha: 7.9%  |  Beta: 5.9% | HSI .286 | Total Oil 1.2% This aroma hop has strong notes of tropical fruit. Great for pale ales and IPAs, Amarillo hops add... Learn More


Aramis French Pellet Hops

Alpha: 7.9 - 8.3%  |  Beta: 3.8 - 4.5%  Aramis is an aroma hop from the Alsace region in France. Pedigree: Crossed in 2002, Aramis is a product of Strisselspalt and Whitbread Golding and was... Learn More


Ariana GR Pellet Hops

Alpha: 9.0% | Beta-Acid 4.5 - 6.0% | Total oil: 2.1 - 2.4 ml/100g Total alpha acids between 10-13% and a much higher cohumulone of 42, Ariana will appeal to... Learn More


Azacca® Pellet Hops

Alpha: 13.1%  |  Beta: 4.7%  Azacca® ADHA 483  , named for the Haitian god of agriculture, is a hop big in citrus and tropical fruit tones. It’s excellent aromatic qualities have... Learn More


Barbe Rouge French Pellet Hops MORE COMING SOON!

Alpha: 8.8%  |  Beta: 3.6%  This extremely rare, delicate aroma hop is native to France. Pedigree: French Parentage Brewing Usage: Aroma Aroma: Floral and fruity with red fruit, strawberry and bubble gum... Learn More
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Belma® Pellet Hops

Alpha: 10.6%  |  Beta: 6.3% Puterbaugh Farms is excited to introduce a brand new and very unique hop. Pedigree: Grown exclusively at Puterbaugh Farms Brewing Usage: Dual Purpose Aroma: A very... Learn More


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Callista GR Pellet Hops

Alpha: 3.9% Beta-Acid 6.0% Total Oils (ml/100g) 1.4 - 2.1 Pedigree: Brewing Usage: Aroma Aroma: Apricot, blackberry, raspberry, passion fruit, peach, grapefruit and gooseberry. Typical Beer Styles: Ales, Lambics, Farmhouse, Saison Additional Information: Hallertauer Tradition... Learn More


Calypso Pellet Hops

Calypso Pellet Hops

Alpha: 13.0%  |  Beta: 5.5%  |  Total Oil 2.1% Calypso is a Yakima Valley bred, dual-purpose diploid hop with Hopsteiner lineage on both sides. Despite its aroma-focused origins, it boasts... Learn More



Cascade Hop Extract 100% Michigan produced.

Alpha: 41% AA HPLC |  120g AA Per Jar Michigan Hop Alliance now offers 100% natural Hop Extract with no chemical modifications!   Cascade Extract Breakdown: 41% AA HPLC - Alpha Acid... Learn More


Cascade Pellet Hops SALE!

Alpha: 6.8%  |  Beta: 9.0%  Contains moderate alpha acid content ranging from 4.5% to 7%. The workhorse of hops in beers it is a dual purpose hop, but its strength... Learn More


Cashmere Pellet Hops 2018

Alpha: 7.7%  |  Beta: 6.0% | HSI .204 | Total oil .6%   Cashmere is a good dual purpose hop with a smooth bitterness and a subtle aroma. Pedigree: Daughter of Cascade... Learn More


Centennial Pellet Hops

Alpha: 9.5-11%  |  Beta: 3.1%  Boasts an alpha acid rating of 9.5%-11.5%. Similar to Cascade, however it is lighter on the citrus aromas. Centennial works undoubtedly well in Pale Ales... Learn More


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Chinook Pellet Hops

Alpha: 12.0%  |  Beta: 4.8%  Will add 11%-14% alpha acid content to your hops schedule. It is a dual purpose alpha variety, and is good for the beginning of the... Learn More


Citra® Cryo Pellet Hops 2018

Alpha: 25.2%  |  Beta: 6.6%  |  HSI: .309  |  Oil: 4.3% Cryo Hops provide brewers with the ability to get massive hop character while dropping astringent and unpleasant vegetal flavors.... Learn More


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Citra® Pellet Hops LIMITED!

Alpha: 13.1% |  Beta: 3.1% | HSI .275 | Total Oil 2.1% One of the most popular hops on the market right now. This incredibly aromatic hop has some amazing... Learn More


Columbia Pellet Hops

Alpha: 5.5%  |  Beta: 4.0% | HSI .257 A once dormant hop variety, Columbia is now on the rise as brewers are re discovering it's usefulness in today's beer styles.... Learn More



Comet Pellet Hops

Alpha: 10.5%  |  Beta: 4.5%  Intended as high-alpha bittering hop when first release, Comet has found a second life as an aroma variety in IPAs, wild ales, farmhouse beers, and... Learn More


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Crystal Pellet Hops

Alpha: 4.8%  |  Beta: 8.5%  Bears a low alpha acid, and carries a relatively high myrcene oil content. This combination makes it ideal for aroma additions as it bring with it... Learn More


CTZ Pellets

Alpha: 18.4% |  Beta: 5.1%  ideal for laying the bitter foundation for Pale Ales, India Pale Ales, Stouts, and anything Imperial. In the same capacity this variety is commonly used... Learn More